The Trident Institute

of Hotel Management

We are the first who has introduced hospitality education to the education city and we not only offer an education but also a sure success. After getting education in Rajasthan’s top hospitality education center (IHM jaipur), worked in various 5star hotels on different positions, we are now committed to grow up hospitality education in this region of Rajasthan.  The world is changing at a break neck speed. To keep up with these changes, education has to be universal and dynamic. Our endeavour is to equip the children with skills that would enable them to meet the challenges of the changing world and enhance their strengths and capacities. We believe each child is a genius waiting to be discovered. Each child is a bundle off innate talent and creative energy waiting to excel.

Hospitality industry contributes the major portion of the Tourism Industry. Where ever people go they need two things FOOD and LODGING and the Hospitality Industry caters to these two basic needs. The Hospitality Industry is growing at a very rapid pace and the global scenario is changing. In this scenario, the demand for high caliber, well-educated and trained professionals will far outstrip the supply.The Industry needs trained and efficient workforce for the effective running of their organizations. The employment opportunity in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is vast. Properly trained and skilled persons have a wide range of opportunity to work in the sectors like hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, railways, airlines, ships, industrial houses, fast food outlets, community centers, work as faculty in the various Hotel Management Institutes and many more. To work in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry team work is essential, one has to be physically fit, disciplined, polite, smart, well groomed, punctual, and have a good understanding of hygiene and sanitation. In the modern world one has to be properly educated, computer knowledge and fluency in English is a must. In the Tourism and Hotel Industry we must remember the 6 S, which are SERVICE, SINCERITY, SKILL, SMARTNESS, SPEED and SMILE.

Our aim is to empower the children with proficiency that would lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners, as well as sensitive and ethical human beings in the hospitality industry. The Trident Institute is established with the idea that each child must be given a chance to grow to his potential in a dignified way in a happy and nurturing environment.
I would like to give a warm welcome to all new students and the well wishers.
  Pramod khandelwal
  (Principal TTIHM)